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  1. wubders

    Sex In Art

    Now there's some cool shadow boxing....
  2. wubders

    LBG thread

    Lesbionic boytoy grinder
  3. wubders

    Where's the lager luv?

    Specifically USA lagers (not macro pilsners) Church Street- magisterium maibock with Great Lakes- eliot ness amber a close second. Sam Adams Boston lager is midrange. Shiner Bock is bottom of the list. I've only had one magisterium last year ,,, a single from the big beer barn so need to...
  4. wubders

    A poll no one will answer

    It's summer and yea most don't tan like back in the day: A/ I'm lily white...think big hats and light long sleeved clothing and sun blocker... B/ I get tan burn lines... on my arm and neck C/ If careful the red can be coaxed light brown D/ I'm ruddy, it will always be...
  5. wubders

    LeBone head? back to Cleveland poll

    A/ no I don't hate him , much B/ yes, I belong to the haters club C/ Any where's better than miami , because Dwade is spent D/ He's about 85% as great as Jordan was E/ Cleveland will make the finals next year ( I doubt it)
  6. wubders

    Blaze away day?

    So fire it up any tokers out there... not sure if this is even how to say it....I'm cool, even if not personally down with it......for a long time -lol
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    should be banned for life from pro sports....he had his chance after jumping in the stands to fight fans afew years ago. He's been a dirty player since his time at St. Johns.
  8. wubders

    Katy married him??

    I don't claim to be up on popular culture and know he has personallity , and not really a judge of male appearance.. And only have seen Katy Perry on TV a couple times, but why??ladies... why??
  9. wubders

    for the ladies

    : Photo by Photographer Viesturs Links -