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    Thread: RIP Joan Rivers

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      RIP Joan Rivers

      Most people called her a bitch and she embraced that.

      Personally, I thought she was a phenomenal talent and along with Phyllis Diller paved the way for stand-up female comediennes.

      I can't remember a time when I didn't tune to Fashion Police after an award show. Celebrity dressers everywhere would watch in fear as their jobs hung in the balance. She was usually offensive, but I was impressed at her timing. We flinched at her comments, but she never missed a beat and was always on.

      Yes, she lived to a nice age, but I still can't help but be reminded how fragile life is. The Emmys were on August 25th and we watched her on tv the next day. In typical Joan fashion she was brash and made you flinch at the crap that came out of her mouth. 9 days ago. Imagine that, 9 days from laughing, making people laugh and loving life to having the plug pulled. She made no apologies for who she was and I do believe lived life on her terms. RIP.


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      Her jokes were timely and she wrote most of her own material. How many in the standup comedy business can claim to still be relevant after 50 years? I really liked she spoke her mind and did not care what the PC peeps thought of her.

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      She may be dead but they moved her face directly to the wax museum.

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      oh, this is the video

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