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    Thread: When you're playing online ....

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      Quote Originally Posted by wabbit View Post
      My only company while playing online is my female Bengal Kismet. She is too short to look over my shoulder.

      My cat is good company for me, too, when I play, which is rare now...mmm...until she jumps on the mouse and puts me all in with 72o.

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      Quote Originally Posted by LadyWrestler View Post
      My cat is good company for me, too, when I play, which is rare now...mmm...until she jumps on the mouse and puts me all in with 72o.
      You might consider using a trackball instead of the mouse. Cats will not attack a trackball.

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      Drives me insane... When I play online I want to be completely in "the zone"... I put on my play list and crank the music up so there are no distractions, preferably alone in the room so movement doesn't distract me, but as that's not always possible I'll try to sit a little closer to the screen to lesson my peripheral vision. Talk at the table doesn't distract me, but just about anything happening in the room with me can throw off my concentration...

      Don't know why it gets to me so much, as it's no big deal when I'm playing IRL, but It's the same thing when I'm working, while it's obviously not practical for a customer to not watch or be around when I'm picking their lock or opening their car, pretty much anything ELSE I do (repairs, rekeys, etc) I do in the vehicle alone. When I had to work with other locksmiths at my old shop, I'd do as much work as I could in my car, and when I NEEDED to work in the shop doing machining, brazing, casting, code cutting keys, etc I made it very clear early on "Do no talk to me, do not be near me"... When I'm doing my book keeping or insurance forms or putting together an estimate, I'll actually just give Sunni some fun money so she can be out of the house shopping. (she doesn't mind... lol)...
      Good luck, Be well, and see ya'll round,

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