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    Thread: Big Brother 21

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      I agree Jackson did not seem very happy about winning. Knowing how BB works I think being accused of being racist really affected him. He knows the game and how public perception can get out of control. Right after the discussion, you can see him and Holly talking I would love to know what was being said. He seemed truly shocked that anyone thought he was racist.
      I wondered why the have-nots just stopped this season and was really disappointed although I had no idea about the controversy behind it. I agree if they made a special arrangement for him that's bullshit. Fuck that if he couldn't tolerate slop go back to the good old days when they got slop and whatever America voted on. If he couldn't do slop let that fucker eat Sardines for a week! I think not having slop really hurt the season. It totally changed the social aspect as well as frankly making it more difficult to win comps and etc. after eating slop for a week. lets face it choosing people to eat slop was a big part of the social game. You could really piss off people putting them on Slop especially when it got towards the end of the game and you had no choice but choose alliance members. It was one of the things that defined the pecking order if an alliance. I'm glad this season is over. I had a lot going on this summer but It's the first season since I've started watching that I didn't wait and check in multiple times to find out the spoilers.
      Thanks for sticking with it and posting all the update this season.....
      Hope next season is better!
      As always you are a Rock Star!
      Would love to hear your take on the Have-not and racism talk.

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      So jackson won? Was he the funny shaped head one or gay jesus looking one?

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      It's OVER!

      I am so happy this season is over and we can watch Survivor and all the other fall shows and relax during the winter and prepare for next summer for BB22. I hated this season. I hated the theme, the way the diary room worked where they told them to either go to the upstairs or downstairs diary room, I hated the fact we didn't have the have not happening all through the season, I hated the bully type attitude in the house and yes the what seemed like racism in the house this season. I hated that Nicole a BB fan knows not to take a showmance to the end took a showmance to the end knowing she would never see the F2 chair. I hated the finale where it seemed almost forced upon us, but most of all I hated that Jackson won!!

      His face walking out of the BB house to his bursting of the confetti was priceless! He was shell shocked at knowing we didn't care for him and that he was being portrayed as a womanizing racist. Yes, there were things he dd in the house that were not right, but the other Jack was worse than Jackson on that front. I think a lot of them felt they were really making the fans proud of their game play, but now see they made us angry and ready for the season to end. I have not see any of the top 5 on social media yet, but I assume after they decompress they will return. I know there are a lot of interviews going on and so they are busy. I have not read any of them because I am over it.

      We have other BB peeps begging for an All-star season next summer. I think that would be the way to go because I feel it will be the last one and they owe us an All-star season. If not an All-star season then take the peeps who went out 1, 2 or 3rd and make up a cast of them and allow them to play the game. David was basically on summer vacation and poor Jodi in season 14 never got to play. I'd like to see them give it a try. I could pick my cast right now from all the seasons.

      I will return to do BB22 unless CBS decides not to follow through with their plans to do it next summer. I will as always have my minions out there spying on things. I hope that y'all have a wonderful holiday season and remember that will be around keeping an eye on you.

      Until next summer!
      "People only see what they are prepared to see."~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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      Thank you @Triquetra for our updates and input. This season seemed like a struggle for all of us to get through You kept me motivated.
      Go Team SWS*! Follow us on Facebook!

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