LPL July 2020


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Jan 6, 2007
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LuvinPoker League Standings for July 2020

League info:

The LuvinPoker League is a Monthly Series consisting of six games each week. Games, times, blinds, starting chips and Buy-ins:

Buy-in for all games is 20K Play Chips

LPL Tuesday Tidal Wave
9:45 pm EDT - 6:45 pm PDT (10 min/5000)
LPL Wednesday Hump Day Big "O" 8:45 pm EDT - 5:45 pm PDT (10 min/2000)
LPL Thursday Broadcast Game 9:45 pm EDT - 6:45 pm PDT (10 min/2000)
LPL Friday and Saturday Graveyard Games 11:45 pm EDT - 8:45 pm PDT (10 min/1500)
LPL Sunday Holy Roller 4:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm PDT (10 min/3000)

All tournaments will be listed in the LuvinPoker Home Game Club on Pokerstars. All games will have 10 minutes of late registration.

There has been a change in the scoring method. Points are awarded by finish position to the top twenty players. All games will award the same amount of points. Each players best eight finishes will apply to the Leaderboard.

Players who win the daily games will all receive trophies. The top 20 players will receive points. Your top 8 scores in the month will count toward the leader board. There will be one champ declared monthly who will get a special trophy and land themselves on the LP Champs page.
The top 20 players per month will be awarded points toward Player of the Year (point breakdown will be defined in the POTY thread).

Points will be awarded by finish position as shown here:

1st 6.7111th1.35
2nd 4.5912th1.29
3rd3.74 13th1.24
5th2.80 15th1.15
6th2.46 16th1.12
8th2.06 18th1.05
9th1.94 19th1.03



Scores & Trophies
Apr 23, 2007
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Wednesday Hump Day Big "O" Game 1 ~ 8 entries July 01, 2020

1st TeacherPro206.71
2nd okie@cars4.59
3rd One Major3.74
4th KOBIE723.13
5th PRstar65 2.80
6th Soonergirl45 2.46
7th LeanTo133 2.28
8th vegaslady88 2.06