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  1. The Future of Poker

    Let's peer into the future shall we? Say about two and a half years,

    It's Tuesday, December 31st, 2013, New Years Eve.

    Where am I going to play poker tonight? New Years Eve is always a great night for poker. Everyone's loose, everyone's having a few drinks, everyone's happy. Even the rocks play a few more hands than usual tonight.

    Last night, I made a killing at the PokerStars room over at the Venetian. They had a $10-$20 10-game table that was ...
  2. The weird and wild of live play….. Part 1

    I much prefer live cash games to online play. Don't get me wrong, online is great. But there's just something more in an online game. However, live games do have their downsides.

    Wild Table #1: Live $4/$8 Limit Omaha hi/lo with a half kill at the Orleans in Vegas.

    It's a mint of a game, but it's an intense, physically and emotionally draining game to play.

    Here's the recipe for this disaster:

    Take four (4) super aggro, older, asian, ...
  3. Relax......

    Sometimes when the site is slow I browse randomly through some of the old threads. I just got through scanning the "Many ways to play - stop whining" and "Respect at the Table 2."

    I must make a preface before I continue. I'm not picking on anyone in particular here. C.J.'s recent thread and my magazine cover may make you think I'm picking on her, but nothing could be further from the truth. I like CJ, I know she's a great player, and I respect her play. I ...