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    Welcome to the Luvin Poker Forums, the unofficial community of PokerStars Home Games!

    Luvin Forums was founded originally in 2005 and is a fast paced community filled with a fun loving group of people. You can connect with others on the forum who share similar passions whether it be for poker, sports, entertainment and a wide variety of other topics. We also offer a free arcade with over 300 games.

    We strive to play competitive poker. Challenge yourself in team play or league games and keep your eyes open for special events like the Kings vs. the Queens, Heads Up Championships and more. Home of Girls Night In ! Be A Champ at Luvin Poker.

    Luvin Poker hosts all competitive poker games in our Showcase club PokerStars for play money chips. Join our poker club today - ID #: 819773, Invitation code: Luv2play.

    A unique take on a classic game, this community focuses a lot more on the social aspect of online poker. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for years, Luvin offers a new way to play with those that love the virtual tables just as much as you do. Make friends and play along with like minded, skilled players.

    Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and all you have to do is register an account to get in on the action! Go ahead. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by joining us at luvinforums.com.

    Luv To Play, Play to Win.

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  • LP Home Games

    LPL Graveyard 1 am ET

    From 7th Jun 2011 to 7th Jan 2020

    LPL Broadcast Game 9:45 pm EST

    From 29th Jul 2011 to 3rd Dec 2020

    LPL Tuesday Tidal Wave 9:45 pm ET

    From 4th Jan 2012 to 4th Jan 2020

    LPL Wed. Hump Day 'O' 8:45 pm ET.

    From 5th Jan 2012 to 5th Jan 2020

    LPL Sunday Holy Roller 12:45 pm ET

    From 5th Feb 2012 to 5th Feb 2020

  • Random Games

    • Inca Quest

      Aim, launch, and match color coins through temples of ancient secrets and untold treasure in Inca Quest!

    • Gemstone Castle

      The objective of the game is for the hero to reach the princess by matching the gemstones that are separating them.

    • Zodiac Tower

      Take on the role of an aspiring astrologer searching for a machine that enables space travel to the moon and distant stars. Match shapes and break blocks to unlock new rooms and floors to bring you one step closer to attaining your mysterious goal. Somewhere hidden across the tower, the machine exists that grants people the power to take a long trip to reach the edge of the world. Can you find it?

    • Yeti - Albatross Overload

      Get the penguin as far as possible using the Albatross

    • Endless Mahjong 2

      Endless Mahjong has 18 different layouts
      Remove the stones by finding matching pairs and clicking them.
      Click the X in top corner to submit your score