Five Card Stud

Five Card Stud is the original game of poker and many poker variations developed from it. Five Card Stud is a well-known game, especially in Asia and is mostly only played with Pot Limit.

Game Description

Five Card Stud is played with a deck of 52 cards. Up to 8 players can take part in the game.

Every player must pay an Ante, independent of how much the limit is, before the first card is dealt. Then every player receives two cards. One card face-down (hole card) and one card face-up (door card). The player with the highest door card begins with the first round (forced bet). When the same value of cards are shown, the type of card is the deciding factor (spade, heart, diamond, club). This player must then play the forced bet (corresponds to the amount of the ante and is valid as a live bet). A betting round (clockwise) follows. Now every player receives another card, face-up. From the second round onwards, the player begins who has the highest face-up card. Then every player receives another card, face-up, followed by a betting round. The player receives the last card again face-up. This is followed by the last betting round and the best hand, consisting of five cards, wins the pot.

Limit Policy

As you can see from the game description, there are four betting rounds in Five Card Stud. A bet, from the smallest bet, ante, to the highest bet, pot limit, can be set in every betting round. In every betting round there is the possibility of making three raises, unless there are only two players in the pot, heads-up, then the raises are unlimited.