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    Thread: Beef skirt and kidney casserole

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      Beef skirt and kidney casserole


      500grams Beef Skirt chopped into decent pieces
      6 lambs kidneys halved and take out the white bits
      4 washed pototatoes chopped into chunks
      1 onion chopped
      1 carrot sliced
      I pkt mixed vegs from Tesco
      Handfull green beans chopped
      2 x teaspoon garam masala
      2 x ts salted garlic
      ts tarragon chopped leaves
      ts dried rosemary
      2 x oxo veg cubes
      2 x beef oxo cubes
      salt and pepper to taste
      Bisto gravey browning to thicken

      Throw in all your vegs into a large casserole pot and sprinkle the seasonings on top

      Prepare the meats

      Gently fry the beef and kidneys till just brownish

      Mix with 1.5 lt boiling water the oxo cubes (crush them) and the Bisto browning till you have a creamy texture
      Place the meats on top of the veg and pour over the liquid so that the veg are just covered and meat is not.

      Place in oven at 140deg c/ 275f/ gas mark 1 for 90 mins

      Then take out give it a really good stir to mix everything together then back in the oven for another 120 mins. Take dog for walk!

      Stir up and leave for 20 mins with lid on till at edible temperature then plate up and enjoy

      You can use any veg to suit your tastes, dont bother peeling just wash throughly.

      It will serve a good helping for four, theres only two here so we leave whats left over and make a curry with it a couple days later. ( thats after Dante has had his share too

      Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the blows of life.

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      Figures Zulu would be into "Skirts"! He probably looks under them too! ( I would! lol)

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      Basically good, would change a few things (never been a fan of beef skirt for a kickoff- too lean and a bit stringy) and I'd just cut a small garlic head in half and throw in.

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