Please add your Pokerstars user name to your account settings and it will show in the post area (postbit display) and on your About Me tab in your user profile page.

This will help others recognize the new names on Pokerstars and help some like me who issue poker awards out to our monthly winners.

Two Ways To Add Your Pokerstars Username:

#1 - Go to Settings.

You can find your settings page link by clicking on Forum Actions in the black navbar row below the main red navbar and select General Settings.

Or click on the "Settings" link in the upper menu bar (top right corner)

2 - Look for the section below Location titled PS Name - which looks like this:

3 - Enter your Pokerstars user name in the box and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Save Changes" button.

Second Way To Add Your Pokerstars Username:

1 - Click on the "My Profile" link in the upper menu bar on the forum main page (upper right corner).


2 - Now you are on your profile page, click the "About Me" tab.


3 - At the bottom of the first section you will see PS Name and an image of a pencil. Click on the pencil and you can now add your Pokerstars username, then click on Save.


Now your Pokerstars name will show in the postbit area and on your About Me tab on your profile page. In the post area it will show below the Post/Thanks display.