15 Minutes to Heaven Strip Steaks

1 Strip Steak in the 1 pound range
Kosher Salt
Medium grind fresh cracked black pepper
About 2 TBSP neutral oil with a fairly high smoke point. Extra light (NOT virgin) olive oil works well, peanut oil would as well.
about 1 TBSP of good butter (NOT "spread")
1 to 2 fairly large garlic cloves, slightly crushed and peeled

1. Bring your steaks out of the fridge about an hour before to come to room temp, Don't do anything to them... just put them in detention on a plate, ignore them, and let them think about what they did...

2. Once at room temp season liberally with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper (medium grind), on ALL sides, don't forget the edges, ESPECIALLY the fat strip.

3. As the seasonings work their magic. Heat a large thick GOOD pan (cast iron would work nicely, but I used my All Clad C3 3qt saute pan, because I USED to stack cash like that... do NOT use non stick, you're using high heat and it's not gonna stick, so it's not necessary) to medium high heat... don't even think of adding oil until it's hot.

NOTE 1... you may end up smoking up the kitchen a bit, not HORRIBLY, but keeping your fan on or opening a window is recommended...

NOTE 2 ... You're using fairly high heat, and are right at the smoke point with this recipe... That means, The minute the heat goes on, you are "pot committed"... do NOT leave the side of that pan until done cooking and everything is shut down. (so send the kids out to play in the street, tell the spouse to STFU, and let the dog keep doing whatever he's doing to the couch, or you're gonna end up with a burnt pan, burnt steak, or burnt house)

4. Add about 2 teaspoons of good neutral oil with a fairly high smoke point, I used extra light olive oil, NOT extra virgin, and swirl the pan to coat to bottom.

5. Once the oil JUST starts to smoke, use a pair of tongs (though shalt NOT stab steak) hold the fat strip of the steak against the pan for 30-40 seconds... do not move it... do not lift it.... do not shake it... do not "wiggle it, just a little bit".... just set the fat in the oil and let it sizzle (and sizzle it SHOULD... LOUDLY).

6. Afterwards place the steak on it's side in the pan, cook for two to three minutes (two for a smaller or thinner steak, or if you like it rare)... again DO NOT MOVE IT... Then flip and repeat minus one minute.

7. Drop the heat to low (they'll be plenty of heat in the pan) Add one to two large garlic cloves (just "crush peel" them, you want them cracked open, but whole, don't even need to cut off the root side) and a tablespoon or so of good butter (NOT margarine or "spread") as well as a teaspoon or so of Fines Herbs (I used dried, fresh would be even better if you have an herb garden)

8. Stir to combine flavors and melt the butter, then rub one side of the steak with one of the garlic cloves... (should take about 30 seconds)

9. Spoon the pan sauce over the steak for another minute.

10. Turn OFF the heat (Remove pan from stovetop if you have a glasstop or electric, or there WILL be smoke) and remove steak from pan and place on a rack to drain excess sauce and rest... Tent loosely with foil and let the steak rest for 5 minutes (six for thicker or larger ones)

11. While the steak is resting put away your ingredients and wash your pan (reserving some pan sauce if desired) there MAY be some "stickins" but no serious scrubbing should be required.

12. Slice across the grain on a diagonal (drizzle some pan sauce over it if desired, we didn't need any) and serve, leaving your A1, HP, or other brown sauce to weep in loneliness.

13. Enjoy food coma, and thank me later!!!

I suppose you COULD do two at a time if you wanted to, provided you had a large enough pan (around a 3qt saute) but I wouldn't do more than that or you'll cool and crowd the pan and they won't get that awesome crust on the outside, and TRUST me you WANT that... For it is AWESOME!!!