We have changed the start times for the Graveyard Games and the Holy Roller Game for April and beyond.

Friday and Saturday's Graveyard Games will now start at 11:45 pm EDT - 8:45 pm PDT - pushed back 1 hour 15 minutes from 1 am EDT - 10 pm PDT.

Sunday's Holy Roller Game will now start at 4:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm PDT. So the morning service has now been changed to an afternoon service.

I have received lots of comments over the past couple of years that some members back east said the graveyard games starting at 1 am were too late to play and hopefully by pushing these games back 1 hour 15 minutes might help. Also it was confusing to some when I dated a graveyard trophy for my current date in the Pacific time zone and those in the eastern time zone were a day ahead by date. Now the Graveyard games start for Eastern time zones thru to the Pacific time zones on the same day.

Sunday's Holy Roller Game start time was originally set for members overseas to be able to play a league game, however over the last year we have noticed that the number of overseas members have really dropped off.